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The work you’ll see here is a range of traditional fine art printing techniques – drypoint, mezzotint, lino cut, monotype and monoprint.


The physicality of the act of creating a drypoint is something I adore and is a result of my life-long love of drawing. Drypoints are created by drawing directly into a metal plate with a sharp point. The resulting 'burr’ holds ink to give the printed line a tell-tale soft fuzziness. I find the act of carving into lino very therapeutic – even with the accompanying arm ache.The anticipation and trepidation on peeling back the paper to see what the first new print is like is addictive and something I don’t ever envisage will lose its appeal.

Fine Art Prints gallery

Here are a few examples of my work.


Anita Saunders


Animal Magnetism exhibition

30 November '17 to 7 January '18

Corinium Museum, Park Street, Cirencester GL7 2BX

This exhibition of recent work, inspired by my love and admiration of the natural world, will be on display throughout December and in to the New Year.

A range of work will be on show, including paintings, prints and textiles.

Please see the Corinium Museum website 



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